antina Velenosi was established in 1984, with the purpose of reaching harmony between taste and colour. Combining artisan tradition and modern technology, Ercole and Angela Velenosi, with Paolo Garbini from 2005, have creatively re-interpreted the wine-making process and established a company which today spreads worldwide the scents and colours of the Piceno territory through its unique wines.

Crowned by hills stretching towards the sea, their vineyards absorb the most authentic savours of the territory, and return them in the colourful highlights of wines. A clay and fertile soil, and vines rich in fragrances and with a long history, tell the Piceno territory tradition through autochthonous and international varieties. It’s nature poured in a glass.

The nose results intense with notes of red fruits, fresh violet flowers and spices. On the palate it is persistent, aromatic and full-bodied. It keeps all the aromas felt at the nose. It can be defined as a charismatic and distinct wine.

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