JOURNEYMAN- Healdsburg

Sonoma Rosso-Italian salame with Pinot Noir and Juniper 

Pepperoni-Italian Salame with Red Chilies and Paprika

Sonoma Bianco-Italina Salame with Chardonnay and Rosemary

Soppressata- Italian Salame with Zinfandel & Red Chiles

Fattoria- Italian Salame with Red Chilies & Orange Zest


COLUMBUS- San Francisco

Italian Dry-House spice blend with Burgundy Wines

Soppressata-Italian Salame with sweet fennel and Garlic


Local Cheeses

Point Reyes

Toma - semi-hard, all natural, pasturized, made with vegetarian rennet.

Gouda - aged 10+ months, made with vegetarian rennet.

Original Blue - hints of sweet milk with a peppery finish; a favourite since 2000. Rindless, made with vegetarian rennet.

Bellwether Farms Carmody - pairs well with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, a dry cider, or malty beer.

Nicasio Valley Foggy Morning - fromage blanc style; 4 time National Award Winner.

Laura Chenel - Cheve, soft goat cheese, very spreadable.

Cypress Grove

Midnight Moon - a goat cheese aged minimum 6 months, nutty & brown buttery start with a lingering caramel finish. Similar to a gouda, giving a slight crunch to an otherwise smooth & dense cheese.

Lamp Chopper - buttery & creamy, a very young sheep's milk gouda, made with vegetarian rennet

Fog Lights - mushroom notes, with a subtle sweet, yeast-like flavour, similar to a brie. A flavour that intensifies as the cheese ages.

Marin French Cheese Co. Traditional Brie - redolent of sweet milk & light hints of mushrooms. Rich, buttery texture.