February 5th Zoom tasting.


This is as local as it comes. If you ever wondered what the distilling bug is about in Sonoma county, you must do yourself a favor and spend this $20. Sonoma county is making a name for itself in the distilling world, lots of awards and recognitions. All this is only possible when you have people who are driven by passion and wilibees is honored to provide a platform where you get to experience this passion firsthand. 

“While working with great Master Distillers and Blenders over the years, I’ve honed my skills to continually raise the bar with each new product and batch. There are no ‘Masters’ here per se; we’re just passionate, talented, hard-working people striving every day to better ourselves and our craft. I like to say that we’re making whiskeys in a small way, for a big world."
—Adam Spiegel, Founder & Whiskeymaker, Sonoma Distilling Company

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