he history of Etna is studded with the historic eruptions which have shaped it. The eruption of 1614, lasted ten years and is the longest ever recorded, halted right on the border of the vineyards of Sciaranuova. The Etna Rosso is produced at our Feudo di Mezzo winery, situated in the heart of Etna viticulture.

The volcanic soils of Etna originate from the slow breaking down of the lava rock, from the abundant presence of ashes emitted from the crater and from organic substances. They are rich in stones and minerals. The quantity and dimension of the stones varies a great deal on the different terraces as does the depth of each type of soil. In every case fertility and complexity are the common denominator in the different soils of our vineyards in the Etna area. The land has perfect aspect and position, black soils with lava sands and due to this, extraordinarily rich minerals; surrounded by woods and more recent lava flows. The vines used to make this wine actually grow on the lava flow.

The 2020 growing season experienced well-timed rainfall and a particularly mild summer in the whole of Sicily. This gave rise to a memorable harvest, somewhat small in quantity but perfect in quality. Rainfall on Etna was equivalent to the decade’s average, even as the distribution differed from the norm: January and February were dry, instead July and August, and provided some well-timed rain which, on the volcano, is fundamental to quality. This is a vintage that, with some thermal leaps in the summer and autumn, again showed the advantage of altitude.

Vanilla, sour cherry, wild strawberry, a very clean floral effect. In the mouth substantial but smooth. Very expressive fruit with more complex aromatic elements of undergrowth, myrtle and oriental spices. Unexpectedly transforms into a champion of drinkable red wine with marked savory flavor and a tasting profile produced by a ferrous touch, rhubarb and very evident black pepper.

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