From the Winery"

Sustainable Lands. For over 40 years, the Byck family has created a culture of sustainability and thoughtful stewardship, the core values of Paradise Ridge. Their commitment was recognized in 2016, when the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance officially certified the estate vineyards “sustainable” by their rigorous standards. After the tragic fires of 2017, steps were taken to restore the health of the estate, with a focus on biodiversity. The commitment to sustainability influences every decision we make, and we farm with future generations in mind.

Paradise Ridge Winery uses only natural pesticides or herbicides on the property, a practice that is at the core of creating an environment that is friendly to native species. By leaving the property as a wildlife corridor, we regularly see bobcats, coyotes, and raccoons, and on rare occasions the more elusive mountain lions and badgers. In the spring of 2018, sheep were re-introduced onto the property. The sheep allow for natural management of weeds and grasses, avoiding mechanization, which in turn nurtures the health of the soil. Sheep offer some of the best natural fertilizers possible. Grazing open space has the added benefit of mitigating the risk from fires. Many species of birds call Paradise home, including red-tailed hawks, cooper’s hawks, kestrels, and California quails. We also added owl boxes, which are used as homes for rescued baby barn owls."

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