The Chardonnay 304 is a wine made in stainless steel vs French oak barrels.  The grapes for this wine come from a vineyard in southern Sonoma County - the coldest part of the Carneros District.  This vineyard produces grapes with a combination of low pH and high natural acidity - ideal for a Chablis-styled wine made without any oak contact.  The vineyard is in the middle of an old creek bed that had been diverted 50 years ago so the ground was covered with rocks. Plus, it was planted to an heirloom Chardonnay selection, known as ‘Shot-Wente’. The vineyard is owned by Paul Larson, a third-generation grower in the area. 

The finished wine undergoes a slight Malo-lactic fermentation and is lightly filtered at bottling. It has a refreshing natural crispness to it, along with a delicious citric element of lemon and lime. It finishes fresh and vibrant and is low in alcohol. It goes well with a wide variety of foods.  

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