The Veglio family has been dedicated to working the land for generations. Since the beginning of the 1900s in the village of Ciotto near La Morra, they have been cultivating vines, orchards & gardens, and raising livestock.  Born in 1928, Angelo Veglio developed a dream to leave the life of a sharecropper to dedicate himself to making wine. He purchased his first vineyard in the 1960s in Gattera and started making wine under his own name using native Langhe grapes—above all, Nebbiolo.  

After his son Mauro took over the management of the winery in 1986, the winery & vineyards were restored, and the first experiments in winemaking were carried out, working together with groups of visionaries to bring innovations in making Barolo. No longer were the wines rustic and poorly crafted, but they were clean, ready to drink, with a higher polyphenolic extract and a measured use of small oak barrels. 

Ready for drinking immediately, but with the potential to age and improve for over 20 years. About 8,500 bottles produced. 

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