Owned and run by winemaker Ignacio Valdera, Bermejos is on the easternmost island of Lanzarote. Only 125km from the African coast, conditions here are extreme. A volcanic explosion that lasted from 1730-1736 covered the entire island in lava and ash 3-5 meters deep. Consequently, each vine must be planted in a hole or hoyo that breaks through that infertile volcanic crust of petrified lava to the organic matter that can nourish it. The wind, which acts as a natural fungicide, is so ferocious that each hoyo is surrounded by rock walls for protection. Yields are miniscule (16 hL/ha). All vineyard work is done by hand.

Attractive greenish-yellow color and great aromatic complexity. Very fruity at the beginning, with hints of lemon and mango that give way to subtle floral aromas. With a smooth and glyceric mid palate between hints of lemon, dry gra

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