Tequila Leyenda de México Wixárika Special Editions comes from the culture and popular Mexican arts appreciation. Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of Wiárika traditional art, the patterns in each bottle tell us a beautiful love history.

Tequila Leyenda de México 100% handmade tequila, avoiding the use of industrial machines, its distillery uses adobe ovens built with the land where blue agave is planted, this extends the cooking process from eight to twenty four hours (with another twenty four hours of repose).

Usually, the next step, fermentation, is accelerated with additives and lasts from one to two days, but Melly Barajas allows aging to occur naturally, which requires almost a week. All the components of the package, such as labels, caps and bottles, are made in Mexico.

Intense and refined toasted hazelnuts and almonds aroma, vanilla with a persisting cooked agave and smooth chocolote notes.

Due to their balanced 9 years aging in american and french white oak barrels with canadian oak chips, the notes of wood, cooked agave, vanilla, hazelnuts and roasted almonds, black olives and chocolate become much more intense. Strong flavor leaving it all on the palate.

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