From the Winery: "Keltom Roots was formed in 2019 by Brycen Hill in appreciation for all that has influenced his life.  The Keltom Roots name is portmanteau of Brycen's parents' names: Kelly and Tom (pronounced kel·tum).  Keltom Roots is now a family-run label by Brycen and his wife, Lauren.

Each label features an illustration of an organism in field guide-style that matches the characteristics and qualities of the vineyard & variety.  Our focus is making small-lot, single-vineyard wines that match the beauty of the natural world, with balance and purity.

Fruit is sourced from vineyards that are carefully chosen in alignment with Keltom Roots' philosophies of regenerative practice, vine health, and ecological cohesion.

True sustainability requires long-term thinking, constant attention, and innovation.

Viticulture goes beyond an understanding of plants and must include consideration of land & aquatic ecology, pathology, soil sciences, groundwater hydrology, entomology, and climatology.

Farming is a responsibility that must be taken seriously for farmland and the planet to thrive

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