H.O.B.S., or Harbor of Broken Souls, is a modern craft gin with a balance of rich juniper, citrus and floral elements. It pays homage to the long-standing relationship between gin and its importance in naval history, reflecting the glory and peril associated with the life of a sailor. H.O.B.S. gin has taken years to refine and perfect, handcrafted with the finest ingredients and bottled with care.


Distilled non-GMO corn, 4x filtered water, juniper, lemon peel, coriander,
lavender, hibiscus, bay leaf, angelica root, cardamom


Botanical maceration, distillation, proofed and filtered


Appearance: Clear in color, high clarity, light louching when
at low temperatures or high dilution

Aroma: Citrus, lavender, pine (juniper)

Taste: Pepper spice, citrus, floral

Finish: Long lingering, juniper-centric finish

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