The Gueguen family lives in Préhy, about 7 km south-west of Chablis. This winery is young, established in January of 2013 by both Céline and Frédéric whom had preivously been working for larger wine estates in Chablis over the course of 15 years. The Gueguen’s are passionate about conservation and respect towards the environment, aiming to create a wine representative of its terroir.

The continental climate, warm summers, cool winters and spring freezes, combined with a very chalky soil, make Chablis one of France’s most distinctive wines. The vineyard is located in the villages of Chichée and Préhy. It is south-east facing with soils of Kimmeridgian (famous fossils of Oyster Exogyra-Virgula) and layers of Jurassic clay and limestone. The average age of the vines is 40 years.

Pale gold colour, Powerful fruit expression and rich aromatics of white fruit and flowers. The palate balances richness and freshness. Lingering fruity finish. 


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