Almadi is a great example of the wonderful but "undiscovered" wines that are produced regionally in every wine producing area around Europe.  Located in the Verona area west of Venice, they are an artisanal producer of Amarone, Valpolicella Ripasso, Corvina, and Garganega sourced from family-owned vineyards that have been farmed for over 100 years.  The deep rich flavors of their wines are from the very mineral rich soils in the Lake Garda area.

Using exclusively their own estate grown fruit, their annual production will always be limited.  As such, they have the opportunity to make the best wines possible every year.  I was very impressed when tasting these wines as although each of their wines are attractively priced, the overall quality of their wines and very interesting flavor profiles make the wines great values as well relative to typical wines that are exported from the same region.

Aromas include rich dark fruits such as dark cherries, dark plums, and currants along with blue fruits such as blueberries and boysenberries.  Complementing the main aromas are also interesting hints of things like rich red roses, nectarines, dark chocolate, and forest floor.  Flavors include blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, and hints of dark cherries, nectarines, and dark chocolate.  There is an elegant medium body but with deep penetration across the palate, perfect balance and acidity, and a rich, lush, and long full finish.

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