Wine is made in the vineyard and without a large vineyard you cannot make a great wine. Alberto Voerzio was born in Bra in 1983; he lives and works in La Morra where, since he was a child, he shows a marked passion for the land and love for the territory, which led him to attend studies in oenology, during which the passion for wine grows. Subsequently attending the faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, gaining experience abroad and at a primary winery in La Morra, Alberto refines and acquires further and fundamental knowledge, which allow him to start the company in 2006, thus dedicating himself full time to the activity of "vigneron", taking care of the entire supply chain starting from management of the vineyards until the transformation and sale of the finished product. The company today has 4 Ha, of which 1.16 Ha in the cru "La Serra", 0.5 Ha in the cru Fossati di Barolo in the municipality of Barolo while the remaining vineyards are located in the municipality of La Morra.

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