From the Winery: "The single square mile of hillside pioneered by Peter Newton in 1977 is an impressive site, with expansive vistas of Napa Valley and beyond. It was the conclusion of his irreverent quest to create wines that would capture the multifaceted character of Napa: embracing the radiant California sun whilst featuring the structure offered by the valley's cool, foggy nights.

He understood Spring Mountain was the place he was looking for to create this rare, fresh expression of Napa.

The terraced mountain estate has less than one-fifth of its total 490 acres planted to vines at elevations ranging from 500 to 1,600 feet above sea level. The non-farmed acreage remains in its native forested state providing natural habitat for indigenous wildlife.

The wine is strikingly brilliant, and color reminiscent of the freshly cut straw that adorns the hills of California in the early summer. In the glass, citrus aromas of tangerine blossom, and lemon zest enliven your senses but do not overpower the more subtle nuanced notes that keep emerging as the wine opens up. Hints of panna cotta, toasted almonds, honey, and even a slight flintiness emerge and underscore the complexity of this wine. The palate is richly textured with racy acidity that lingers before finishing with a refreshing pithiness."

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