Our friend, customer and fellow whiskey enthusiast had this to say and we liked it.

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"The Roaring Donkey" in Petaluma passed on their Buffalo Trace Bourbon pick and our friends at Wilibee's in Santa Rosa picked it up instead.
Grab it before they're gone.
For those of you who may be new to Whiskey I'll explain what this means: normally a producer like Buffalo Trace will blend barrels (hundreds) together for each run of their whiskey so that they can achieve a consistent flavor profile batch after batch. A barrel pick means that someone got multiple samples from individual barrels and picked one barrel that they liked the best and literally bought a barrel full of whiskey that was then bottled for them. Because it's a single barrel and unblended you can have quite a bit of variance in flavor. I like this a lot more than the standard Buffalo Trace bottlings and it's fun to compare.

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