San Francisco World Spirits Competition of 2020 — Woodinville Straight Bourbon — Double Gold Medal and title of “Best Straight Bourbon Whiskey of 2020”

One of the biggest advantage of being in the business of spirits is that you meet people who are amazing and so humble. Their pool of knowledge is a mix of chemistry, physics, biology, agriculture, history and so much more. These products that we taste at any given point is the pinnacle of all the knowledge collected over generations. And the best part is that nobody claims to know it all and they are all students of the trade.

One of this experience was sitting down and tasting some whisky with Chad Davis from Woodinville Distillery. Here is a small unedited clip of what I put you thru (if I like you). It was really nice to meet you. 

Little history of woodinville from their site:


The story of Woodinville doesn’t begin with a 100-year-old recipe or generations of family distillers. It begins with two best friends and a dream.

The dream is to make the greatest craft whiskey in the world by bringing the time-honored traditions of bourbon production into a craft environment — using the highest quality locally grown grains, the best barrels and coopers in the world, the most technologically advanced distilling equipment, and the mentorship of an industry icon, David Pickerell, former Master Distiller for Maker’s Mark.

And while the story is still unfolding, after being awarded “Craft Whiskey of the Year” and “Craft Rye Whiskey of the Year” two years in a row by the American Distilling Institute, things are headed in the right direction.

We invite you to grab a glass and join us.

Orlin Sorensen & Brett Carlile
Founders, Woodinville Whiskey Co.