Woodinville Single Barrel (Wilibees Pick)



This Cask Strength Whiskey is one of our top picks yet!!  This dark amber beauty has hints of oak and spice and a nice chalky vanilla nose followed fuirt leather and spice that coats your palate.  pick one up today!  and get one for a friend

The mash bill is 72% corn, 22% rye, and 6% malted barley. All non gmo grain grown at the Omlin Family farm. The yeast  a strain of saccharomyces. We do not disclose the exact strain.

The barrels are seasoned in open air for 18 months, heavily toasted, then char #4 and only toasted heads from Independent Stave Co. in Missouri.

We distill to 140 proof, barrel at 110 proof and the single barrel program is the only way to get cask strength bourbon unless you come to the distillery. The Single barrels are also non chill filtered

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