Friday the 15th of January at 6PM.
The first tasting of 2021 and we have a good one. On January 15th you'll taste the following whiskies accompanied by an expert from Moet Hennessy.  
Glenmorangie's tasting set to get to know the variety of this distillery.
The set includes four 100ml bottles of Original 10 years, Lasanta 12 years, Quinta Ruban 14 years and Nectar D'or. 

Original 10 years 
Nose: full and fruity in the aroma, clearly nectarines, apples and lemons - above all, a slight spiciness
Taste: fresh and very creamy in the taste, clear notes of fruit candy, toffee and caramel - in the background roasted coffee and nuts
Finish: Gentle, long finish with lots of malt and more fruit

Lasanta 12 
Nose: soft and sweet on the nose with caramel and chocolate covered raisins - sweet and spicy
Taste: full, soft mouthfeel - again the sweetness of the raisins, with honey and vanilla - slightly buttery
Finish: in the finish clearly again the honey - a dry oak note and cocoa

Quinta Ruban 14
Nose: clearly fruity aromas of mandarin and orange, with some mint, a little more pronounced chocolate
Taste: soft and gentle, again the chocolate, with nutty notes and honey
Finish: very long finish, pleasantly soft and mouth-filling

Nectar D'oR
Nose: Lime and orange peel, clearly sultanas and dates - very fruity - then spicy aromas of coconut and nutmeg
Taste: again the nutmeg, with ginger and roasted almonds - warming with a soft syrup and honey note
Finish: The finish is long and soft, almost silky - sweet with notes of lime, white chocolate and vanilla - in the background again the ginger and nutmeg

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