Story of Our local favorite:

We like gin. Really good gin. 

As such, when the opportunity presented itself to take an already seven-years-in-the-making, well-crafted gin under our wing we jumped in whole-hearted and ever so slightly intoxicated.

Ginny’s Gin started with the exceptional palates of winemakers and their belief in the marriage of grape and grain. After meticulously playing with the ratios and evaluating a slew of botanicals, a gin was produced that was perfectly in balance.

Naturally, we named our gin after Ginny, because as you know now, we don’t waste opportunities (but really, it’s because she’s been drinking gin the longest).


It takes a village to raise a gin.

We wanted to pay tribute to all of our family and friends who helped make Ginny’s Gin happen. On our label you’ll see we listed all of the fantastic "expert" advisors, early adopters, money lenders, cheerleaders, and more-than-willing tasters who are integral to our story.

We also added YOU because now you are part of our story.

Ginny's Gin is as much about the alchemy of good friends and good times as it is the magical chemistry of distillation. Whether you are sipping Ginny’s in a French 75 cocktail at your favorite restaurant with the love of your life, knocking it back from a shot-ski slope side with your ski buddies or serving Ginny’s Cup at your annual kick-off summer party, our story becomes your story.

Ginny, Rob, Amy & Jeff
Founders, Ginny’s Gin

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