If you know they love bourbon, they are going to love this care package we have put together. All the whiskies are rare and have the collectible status. 

1. Woodinville Bourbon finished in port casks. This distillery is winning awards left and right. Too many to list and on top of it this is the bourbon finished in port casks and availability thru out California is very limited. And Boy! Does it tastes good. 

2. DryFly straight wheat whiskey aged for 6 years was chosen by “Petaluma Whiskey Club” and is stamped with their seal of approval. This is high proof juice at 136.9. This will stand to any fishing adventure. A whiskey like this helps celebrate “the catch” even if the day was not that successful. Also from Washington like Woodinville. DryFly is a true farm to bottle whiskey.

3. Elijah Craig single barrel was selected for “The Treasury”, a very famous bar in San Francisco and we consider ourselves very lucky to pick up few cases of this. That’s why it is a great addition to this care package.

4. And finally the Larceny Barrel proof is a winner on its own. It really made some fans at a recent zoom tasting. This one is Batch C920 at 122.4 proof. Like I said this is delicious in very many ways. A great sipper by the bonfire. 

All these whiskies are special and rare, we'll wrap it in the gift basket as shown and deliver locally. The price includes the wrapping, gift basket and a small measure cup, just to keep track. Thank you for considering this for your loved ones. We are very confident that they will be very happy.  

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