From the Producer: "A single barrel whisky is the purest representation of the relationship between craftsmanship, wood and time. While most single malts work much like an orchestra – multiple casks in concert, coming together to achieve specific notes – The Balvenie Single Barrel is a soloist, relying only on the unique properties of a single cask to create an exceptional whisky.

Whilst no two casks will ever produce an identical single malt, because of the careful sampling and selection of our Malt Master, The Balvenie Single Barrel 21 Year Old has a consistent character that is deep and delicate. The Balvenie Single Barrel 21 Year Old is bottled exclusively from American Oak barrels that have lain in our warehouses for over twenty one years.

Each bottling forms a limited edition of no more than 300 hand-numbered bottles drawn from a single cask, making every bottle unique and unrepeatable. The Balvenie Single Barrel 21 Year Old is non chill-filtered and bottled at a higher strength of 47.8% ABV offering whisky enthusiasts a “straight from the cask” experience."

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