Milk & Honey Single Malt Tasting Kit (August 20th @ 6 pm)



Zoom tasting is also available with this purchase on August 20th 2021 @6PM.

Ever wonder how climate can accelerate the aging of whiskey, how about Israel, the land of milk and honey now producing an amazing products. Their climate is so diverse and whiskey is amazing. Join us to learn more. We are planning (not promising) to have someone from the distillery join our zoom call.

Israel, the land of milk and honey _ and now whiskey?



TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Israel has been known as the land of milk and honey since Biblical times - but the land of single malt whiskey? One appropriately named distillery is trying to turn Israel into a whiskey powerhouse.

Smooth, honey-brown whiskey is not the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Israel. However, at the Milk and Honey Distillery, rows of casks proudly stamped "Tel Aviv" hold liters of the stuff.

The country's first whiskey distillery is preparing to release Israel's first single malt whiskey.

Israel’s First Whisky Is Coming to America

Martin Lerma ( Robb’s Report)

When it comes to aging casks full of premium whisky, certain parts of the world have a monopoly on producing the spirit. But more and more disparate locales are joining their ranks. This month, Israel’s first whisky is making its debut Stateside, and it was worth the wait.

M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery is launching a range of spirits (including sherry and gin) but is focusing its entree on the Classic Single Malt Whisky that built its reputation. Founded in 2012, M&H is part of a new generation of distillers producing whisky in decidedly hot climates, which create flavor profiles all their own.

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