The Willett Family has a long Whiskey-making history stretching back into the 1700s. The family has worked for others and operated their own distillery off-and-on for well over two-hundred years. Prior to 2012 they were hand-selecting casks from the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers inventory for their releases. Since then, Willett Whiskeys are made from new-make spirit coming from their newly renovated distillery — opened in 2012 — and appropriately called the Willet Distilling Company. They deliver no fewer than a dozen varieties.


The name is long enough to tell you just about everything you need to know about this Whiskey — Willett Family Estate 4 Year Old Small Batch Rye. Obviously, it’s a four-year-old Rye Whiskey and bottled at a nearly cask strength. And “small batch” only begins to tell the tale. But the main thing to remember is that it means that the flavor profile and proof-strength vary from batch to batch. Go with the  Willet and be inspired. Every single time and with every single sip you take!

Appearance / Color Flamed bronze.

 Nose / Aroma / Smell

High alcohol content and spiciness of the Rye surprise the nose with power before toasted oak and toffee appear.

 Flavor / Taste / Palate

Taken neat, it’s a powerful dram. Flavors mingle with frolic stone fruits, vanilla, cherry and baking spices that come the surface.


It has a solid and complex finish normally only found in older spirits.

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