If you are bourbon fan this is a great combo. Along with the three old world proven kings of bourbon you'll also get three very unique bourbons from the new world. We have put together this combo for a whiskey fan who is not stubborn and is willing to try and trust us. Blanton's, Weller and McKenna 10 don't need any more introduction as everybody is looking for them and yes everybody is looking for them. But the three others are pretty awesome and we are calling them a must have bourbon in your bar set. 

Dryfly 6 year  straight wheated whiskey is a single barrel, which was picked for our Petaluma whiskey Club and is a high proof sipping whiskey. (Yes I said it, it's a high proof sipping whiskey) 

Blade and Bow Bourbon

Woodinville bourbon finshed in port cass is just too good and is very rare. We eneded up with fe bottles. This is the whiskey that convinced me why Woodinville was the distillery of the year. And this is also the whiskey that convinced me to buy a barrel of our own. And yes the single barrel is going to be for sale soon.

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